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Home of woodturning

For more than 35 years, WSQ has equipped people of all ages with the skills to design and to create beautiful objects from timber and other materials for their own and others’ enjoyment.

In fostering the pursuit of excellence in the art and craft of woodturning in its various forms, WSQ:

  • Provides a safe and supervised workshop environment for members to learn and to practise woodturning skills
  • Engages local, Australian and international turners to demonstrate their expertise and to conduct hands-on workshops so that members can observe, learn new skills and techniques, and perhaps even go on to become recognised turners in their own right
  • Encourages members to attend major woodturning events such as “Turnfest” to expand their woodturning knowledge and horizons
  • Encourages members to improve their competency and confidence levels by participating in the Society’s annual competition and externally organised craft displays
  • Facilitates ongoing contact with kindred clubs to exchange ideas and to build knowledge
  • Participates with community organisations in providing one-on-one tuition in woodturning forthose with special needs as part of those organisations’ development programs
  • Through its Toy Group, manufactures a variety of children’s toys for donation to charitable organisations at Christmas time
  • Actively partners with selected business enterprises in promoting the use of woodturning equipment and tools
  • Undertakes selected commissions on an ad hoc basis through individual skilled members or on a project team basis
  • Promotes public awareness of the Society in general and the art and craft of woodturning in particular through exhibitions, trade shows, open days, library displays and community events
  • Organises Christmas party and other social events for members and their partners.


If you’re wondering what some of our new members think of our club, facilities and training here’s what some of them have said in a recent survey:


Thomas (member for 1 year): “It’s great for absolute beginners. If you’ve never touched a lathe, or any wood working equipment you can come in and learn the fundamentals and then come back to hone and refine your skills.”


Daniel (member for 18 months): “I joined the club because it’s really well equipped with all the tools I need for woodturning. I visited before joining and really liked the atmosphere. I enrolled in the beginners course and absolutely love being able to create things I see on Instagram. Club membership is incredibly good value, one of the best value memberships in my life. I would say to any new member to come and try it, the environment is very welcoming of beginners”


Primo (member for 12 months): “Club membership is the best value, the rates are very reasonable, the equipment and facilities are high quality and the advice from experienced woodturners is free. I’d say to anyone considering woodturning to come and pay a visit and talk to one of the knowledgable convenors”


Marion (member for 16 weeks): “I wanted to take up woodturning and the beginners course was a good starting point. The membership is incredibly good value with access to well maintained machines, tools and experience from other members. I would say to anybody considering the course to come and say hello, everyone is really friendly and the club is well run by enthusiastic members.”


Adam (member for 16 weeks): “I came to inspect the facilities one night and a convenor mentioned the beginners course to me and I couldn’t believe how reasonable the cost was. I enrolled straight away. After 12 weeks I went from merely recognising what the tools and equipment were, to being able to confidently, safely, and independently use them all. The access to tools and equipment is fantastic, but even more so, is the opportunity to see other members work and speak to knowledgable convenors. I don’t have the space or capital to invest in all of the gear available to use here. I would encourage any potential member to just walk in the door when the club is open and you’ll experience just how friendly it is.”


Murray (member for 22 months): “I had an interest in taking up wood work but I don’t have the space, or the budget to outlay on equipment. I visited other member based organisations but none of them were as well run, as safe, or as well equiped as WSQ. I joined the first beginners course and found it to be excellent value and led by very experienced and patient woodturners. The membership is astoundingly good value considering I can arrive each week with nothing (except my small entry fee) and everything I need to create something safely is here, including a well stocked shop with wood blanks ready to mount on the lathe. Everyone here is welcoming, no matter your experience level”